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Your Doctor Could Have You Arrested

As more people like you learn about the dangers of vaccines, prescription drugs, and chemotherapy, Big Pharma is panicking and losing revenue. This has prompted a series of frightening arrests for drug non-compliance and refusal of potentially-harmful medical treatments that have been proven harmful. Are you a parent? Listen up. Your doctor could have you […]

Avoid Unnecessary Dental Procedures

Most dentists insist their patients receive routine dental check-ups twice a year, regardless of their dental health. During these exams, they suggest procedures you may not actually need just to make more money. Below is a list of the top 5 unnecessary dental procedures and how to treat their associated conditions naturally: 1)  Gum Graft […]

Stop Eating Gluten Despite Negative Blood Tests

An acquaintance of mine recently confided in me that she’d been secretly living with horrible stomach cramps, diarrhea, rashes, and brain fog for years and thought she might have celiac disease. She went to her doctor for a blood test but the results came back negative. Her doctor even warned her that going on a […]