The Facts are In: Cell Towers Cause Cancer

Anyone who mentions the fact that electromagnetic frequencies (emf) emitted from cell phone signal towers might be harmful to the people around them is in danger of being called a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist. Never mind the fact that it’s been accepted for decades that living around electrical power lines is a cancer hazard.

Never mind the fact that cell towers put out much more intense microwave radiation in doses that make electrical transmission towers look like playthings. Oh, and by the way, it’s aluminum- we haven’t worn tinfoil since the 60s.

Conspiracy or not, neither the government nor the technology companies responsible for these overpowered human cooking machines can deny that they cause harm. There is now a body of evidence so strong, thorough, and conclusive that people would be fools to not start researching optimal aluminum hat folding styles on WikiHow.

The world’s largest animal study looking into the effects of cell towers on animal populations is in. The study was conducted by Italy’s Ramazzini Institute and has laid bare the dangers of common exposure levels of cell tower radiation. Ramazzini researchers exposed lab rats to emf in the ranges of 2,448 to 1.8 GHz. These are lower than the levels present within several hundred feet of the average cell tower.

The female rats had an increased rate of developing cancerous brain tumors. The entire population of rats has a significantly higher incidence of precancerous conditions compared to control group rats who were not subjected to radiation.

But this study went further. In most studies of this nature, researchers will put down animals who have been grievously harmed. In this study, they allowed the rats to die from the tumors they developed as a result of their exposure to simulated cell tower radiation. The results, according to the researchers, are enough to put the International Agency for Research on Cancer on high alert over the carcinogenic effects of radio frequency radiation on human beings.

Over 80% of cancers that occur in humans develop after the age of 60. By studying the rats until they died from their cancers, the scientists have concluded that many of the cancers associated with old age are actually being caused by exposure to emf. These cancers are frequently dismissed as age-related. But by comparing the non-exposed rats to the exposed rats and following both into old age, this common dismissal is now revealed to be in error.

For as long as these technologies have been in the hands of paying consumers, the media and government officials have labeled anyone who points out the clear connections between cancer and wireless information technology as a fringe scaremonger. They do this despite the fact that there have been numerous studies now all showing the same thing.

The “Health Ranger,” author of Food Forensics and publisher of Mike Adams wants to know, “Where is the apology from the lying media on all this?”

He said in response to this study, “Mainstream science is catching up to warnings we published years ago, demonstrating that we were years ahead of scientifically illiterate so-called journalists who cover these topics for the phony news media. They insisted that there was no link between cell towers and brain tumors, putting billions of people at risk and destroying an unknown number of lives.”

He went on to ask whether or not they will retract and apologize for the years and years of insults and accusations aimed at people like him. The answer, of course, is ‘not likely.’

It bears mentioning that the study used levels of radiation that are far lower than those people are being subjected to in their homes and places of work every day. The levels used are also lower than those used in similar studies. This was a response to criticism other studies have faced for using levels of radiation that simulate cell tower radiation.

The Ramazzini study was designed to avoid this problem. They did so by using radiation levels that the FCC has called safe. This means that we are being irradiated legally.

It’s worth noting that medical error is the third highest cause of death among Americans. Anything that can be done legally by a doctor which results in a morbid outcome can be called an accident. Likewise, if a person is killed by an action that the government deems legal- it can be dismissed as an accident. And as long as the media goes along with this few will ever even notice.

~ Health Scams Exposed