Nutrient Deficiencies that Show Up on Your Face

The body has many ways to tell us when we are in trouble in regards to our health or aren’t getting what we need to stay healthy. Some people even report getting preemptive warnings pains from their body when they are about to eat a food that is a threat to their health. For example, people with a heart condition or an intestinal disorder occasionally report a pang of discomfort in their gut or chest, or the sound of surging blood in their ears when they start to grab a fried snack, a sugary dessert, or salty treat.

Other important early warning signs come in the form of discolored nails, stringy hair or hair loss, bad breath, excessive gas, bloating, lethargy, and more. In today’s busy modern world, we have learned that these signs are to be ignored. Our increased ability to share information on the Internet is quickly helping us to unlearn that false truism. But we still have a long way to go when it comes to learning to trust the signs and signals the body gives us.

Even the taste of food can be a telltale sign. Young children, for example, are not equipped to digest the bitter veggies like broccoli. That’s why they are so dead set against eating those foods. Also, bloating means you have eaten something that is irritating your gut. That’s a bit like rubbing Chlorox on an open sore.

Here’s Natural Ways with more telltale signs that show up on our face specifically that signal we might need to change our health habits.