The Many Powerful Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Salt has got a bad reputation over the years for reasons that have little to do with the actual merits of salt itself.

In the 1960s, sugar manufacturers started realizing their product had some rather nasty health effects on the heart and vascular system. So, just like big tobacco did, lobbyists for the sugar industry started pushing for regulations that would tilt things in their favor. Sugar giants greased the palms of major medical research organizations and crafted a narrative where salt was the villain instead of sugar.

This has led to a major uptick in cardiovascular disease and heart maladies making heart disease a neck-and-neck runner alongside medical error as the top killers of Americans.

But salt is not the enemy. Salt is a vital nutrient that helps our cells to absorb water and use it correctly. Table salt, however, is a problem. Table salt is “enriched,” which means it’s been stripped of vitamins and minerals which were then sold to supplement manufacturers. The product that remains after this process is a ruined and poisonous substance that creates micro-lacerations in the heart and arteries. These cause a buildup of protective plaque. This plaque is called cholesterol, another vital substance, which has also been wrongly vilified as the cause of heart disease.

If we get only one thing clear, let it be this- you need salt to live! You need good, natural, unbroken salt. Sea salt is a great and relatively inexpensive resource for good healthy salt. You can tell it from table salt easily because it comes in chunky, fluffy-looking crystals that crumble easily.

Table salt looks like white sand- and you’d be better off eating sand than table salt.

To get all the great health benefits of salt, you need pink Himalayan salt. It’s the same thing they make salt lamps out of and it can do wonders for your health.

Pink Himalayan salt is the cleanest and most complete salt on the planet. It offers many therapeutic and nutritional benefits that you will never get out of the ruined and broken table salt that has been pushed on us for years. You can use it to make soothing bath soaks and body scrubs to improve the health of your skin, aid your lungs, and help you relax.

This one of a kind salt contains more than 84 trace elements and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, and copper, making it much more useful than the simple condiment that we have been lead to think of salt as being.

Pink salt from the Himalayas is classified as halite. It comes from the Punjab region of Pakistan about 200 miles from the great mountain range of its namesake. There, the valuable pink salt formed via natural processes over the course of about four billion years. During that time, the halite salt became impregnated with a wealth of minerals that our bodies need in order to function properly and thrive.

With a history paralleling that of the planet itself, Himalayan salt is thought to be made from the remains of the original primordial sea that once surrounded the super-continent Pangaea.

Eating this complete and wholesome salt offers a number of important health benefits. As an antibacterial, it has anti-inflammatory effects, clearing mucus, and removing pathogens. Some studies have suggested that using pink salt in a process known as halotherapy has a positive effect on people suffering from chronic bronchitis.

It also has the effect of balancing the body’s pH levels, a commonly undervalued aspect of good health that everyone should pay more attention to. Having a system that is more alkaline than acid makes the body less amenable to cancer, aids digestion, and improves immune function.

Salt lamps made from Himalayan salt have been around for some time, and have been a trapping of hippies and new age people. But recent findings have shown that having one in your home does help to reduce microbes in the air and promote better sleep. Also, if you can’t afford to keep a regular supply of pink salt in your kitchen you can always lick your salt lamp! Sure, you can laugh if you want to, but horses and cows do it and if it’s good enough for them…

Finally, we cannot over-stress the importance of getting adulterated table salt out of your diet forever. Along with sugar, it is one of the leading causes of weight gain and heart disease. As usual, we’ve been sold a bill of goods when it comes to salt and it’s time to take our power back one nutrient at a time.

~ Health Scams Exposed