The Cell Phone Radiation Poisoning of America

Ever since our Star Trek inspired dream of mobile phones that let us communicate instantly became a reality, a specter of fear has haunted us. This fear comes from the suspicion, stronger in some than it is in others, that the radiation emitted by these small devices is not healthy.

But just as with many issues of our time, the idea of cell phones and computers posing a health hazard has been met with accusations of fear mongering and, of course, the granddaddy of all straw man arguments- accusations of conspiracy theorizing. It’s strange because we all know and accept the fact that power lines emit dangerous electromagnetic frequencies that disrupt our health and cause cancer. Everyone knows that living under transmission towers and power lines is dangerous, as well as an eyesore. But we are meant to believe cell phones, computers, and WiFi are safe?

This is an insult to our intelligence, and an affront to decency.

Let’s start with the basics. Thirty years ago we had phones that attached to our walls and transmitted analog signals through a physical line in order to exchange information. Today, the wires are gone, and the information is carried in digital form. Unless we believe that words, pictures, and information are being carried back and forth by fairies, it only makes sense that the data is being transmitted using an invisible signal similar to a radio signal.

Now, what about this signal that comes from our phones? What is its nature, and is it harmful? First, consider radio waves. We used radio waves, and still do, to transmit information. But, of course, few devices people have ever owned also emit radio waves. Plus, radio waves have a lower frequency than microwave emf. For these reasons, radio waves were not a significant risk factor. However, it was common knowledge that radio wave emitting towers could definitely be dangerous for people working and living near them.

Today, our cell phones and computers operate on a similar basis only they use microwave radiation instead of radio. This is because microwave radiation has a higher frequency. That means it can carry more information, but it also means these radiological waves are more intense.

We might consider it fortunate that our primary medium for exchanging information is also used to heat food in many homes. This gives us a very tangible way to understand how microwave emf can harm us.

The emf waves in your microwave oven heat food by bombarding it with beams of energy which excite the molecules creating heat. Now, the waves emitted by a smartphone are much, much weaker than those emitted by the microwave. But you would not hold your head next to a running microwave- not even for an instant. We do hold cell phones right next to our heads, sometimes for prolonged periods of time.

We may not feel the damage, but over time this radiation causes harm to the mitochondria in all of our cells. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, and when it is damaged we experience lethargy, reduced immune function, and greater rates of cancer. The longer the exposure persists, the more pervasive the damage becomes. This is just the beginning of the long list of harmful effects caused by emf exposure.

But there are a number of ways we can protect ourselves.

Studies have shown that populations who consume a vital nutrient known as carbon 60, (C60) have longer life spans and are more resistant to emf damage. C60 is found in organic sunflower oil and other sources. Other researchers have found that wearing jewelry made from stainless steel helps reduce the intensity of emf exposure.

But the most important thing people should be doing is eliminating emf in their homes. You should plug your Internet router into ethernet cords and turn the WiFi signal off. Stop carrying your cell phone on your person. Keep smartphones no closer than three feet from your body when not in use.

Understand that knowledge of these things is being kept from us by the same people who monetarily benefit from the sales of these devices. Don’t be a lab rat. Protect yourself and your family from emf right now.

~ Health Scams Exposed