Forced HPV Vaccines Coming to Florida

If you’re aware of the dangers of vaccines; the high toxicity from heavy metal preservatives like mercury, the aggressive and early schedules that are being imposed on younger and younger children, if you’re aware of the secret vaccine courts where victim’s families are paid off and silenced- then you probably treasure any chance you have to choose for yourself whether or not and how to vaccinate.

Especially if you think that some vaccines are our best way to eliminate certain dreaded diseases like smallpox- but don’t trust the way some vaccine manufacturers create and test their products, then the choice of whether to vaccinate, when, and with what products is a freedom that you hold dear.

If you live in Florida, that freedom of choice may soon be taken away from you. In California, law SB 277 already denies the right of public education to young girls who are not given the highly toxic HPV vaccine. Now Florida is following in their footsteps.

They are calling it the “Women’s Cancer Prevention Act,” and it mandates that HPV vaccines be given to school-aged children. This flies in the face of our natural liberty, endangers hundreds of thousands- if not millions- of school-aged children with a drug that has been linked to the very disease it is meant to prevent.

The HPV vaccine has been linked with numerous risks. While the CDC claims the vaccine is highly effective there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary. For starters, the rates of cervical cancer have been found to be not positively affected by comparing regions where there are high HPV vaccination rates to areas with low rates of HPV vaccinations. Between 2007 and 2010, rates of cervical cancers and related conditions dropped by 27% in populations of unvaccinated girls. The number declined by only 5.8% in vaccinated populations. Populations of girls who did not receive the vaccination actually had lower incidences of cervical cancers, genital warts, and other conditions associated with the HPV virus.

According to the research provided by Merck itself, a major manufacturer, distributor, and advocate for aggressive vaccinations, those who have been exposed to the HPV virus prior to vaccination are 45% percent more likely to develop precancerous lesions after vaccination. That study came out before the Gardasil vaccine was licensed. Of course, they changed their tune after the licensing was in place.

Judicial Watch received documents that were previously kept out of the hands of the Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS). They reveal the fact that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) has paid out more than $5 million in damages to those who have been harmed by the HPV vaccine. That’s $5 million for just one vaccine. The total payouts from the secret vaccine courts are much, much higher of course, and are funded to the tune of $3.5 billion.

Now, we know that the HPV vaccine, and other vaccines as well, especially when given in aggressive doses on a maniacal schedule, can cause all manner of serious and long-term disease and debility. So why does the pharmaceutical industry not change their manufacturing or stabilization techniques? Why do lawmakers not address the problem?

The reason they do not respond to evidence and the outcries of the public is two-fold; first, because the profit model is well established, and second because they have devised a system to legally protect anyone involved in pushing vaccines from legal or monetary damages. That protection is the fact that the NVICP is paid for by the taxpayer and by those why buy vaccinations for themselves and their children.

So, for now, this new law being proposed in Florida is relatively benign. Parents who can afford to do so can still home-school their children. Many, of course, cannot afford to do so and are forced to subject their children to these poisonous medical interventions.

However, once a law of coercion and control is put in place it is always the predicate for tighter, more coercive laws down the road. In California, the law is settled. Parents can be threatened into vaccinating their children and have no protections for their right to know what’s in the vaccines. California is always a test case state for these kinds of controls to see what they can get away with elsewhere.

If this law is not stopped, it will be another foothold bringing the pharmaceutical industrial complex one step closer to being able to forcefully vaccinate you and your family and make you pay for the privilege.

~ Health Scams Exposed