Flu Shot Recipients Become Highly Infectious Carriers

This flu season we just came through was one of the roughest on record. Hundreds of deaths have been attributed to it in the United States alone. Many healthy people have reported that while they rarely get the flu, those who got it this year got it worse and had it longer. Employers reported higher numbers of sick days taken this year at about a 35% greater rate than usual. And on top of all that, the phenomenon has been a global event with accelerated flu stats recorded all over the world, even in climates where the virus is rare.

There has to be some reason for this, of course. If you’ve been following the vaccine controversy, you can guess what the pro-vaccine advocates say is the reason for accelerated rates of flu: the anti-vaxxers. They tell us the reason this flu season is so bad is because more people than ever are skeptical of the ways vaccines are made and whether or not they can be effective at all and are skipping the shot.

But the truth and the science behind this year’s flu epidemic does not side with the vax-no-matter-what community. Quite the contrary.

A shocking new study has been put out by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). They have found that this year, and perhaps in previous years as well, people who got the flu vaccine produced 630% more airborne flu virus compared to people who were not vaccinated.

This is a pretty stunning turn around of the standard wisdom in which we are told that if you don’t get vaccinated you are making the people around you vulnerable. Of course, that doesn’t make much sense because if you’re vaccinated you should be immune to whatever you think a non-vaccinated person has got. But it makes their argument weaker nonetheless.

The researchers said, “The finding brings a devastating blow to the herd immunity argument that we’ve been hearing for so long now.”

PNAS, in an article on the study, wrote, “Fine-aerosol viral RNA was also positively associated with having influenza vaccination for both the current and prior season… We provide overwhelming evidence that humans generate infectious aerosols and quantitative data to improve mathematical models of transmission and public health interventions… Our observation of an association between repeated vaccination and increased viral aerosol generation demonstrated the power of our method, but needs confirmation”

It’s a finding that corroborates what flu vaccine skeptics have been saying for years, that whenever they get the shot, they get sick sooner, they get sicker than they would, or they get sick when they normally would not get sick. This is a common complaint and a fairly standard excuse for not getting the shot.

Another standard argument against the flu shot is that the flu is a pervasive and mild virus and the best way to cope with it is to let the body build its own defenses naturally.

These findings indicate that people who work closely with the elderly or the disabled are very likely to spread the flu to those who are most vulnerable to the virus. Nurses and other medical care workers are the most likely people to follow mainstream medical advice and get vaccinated. This means they are placing their patients at an extreme risk of contracting the virus themselves.

In heavy flu seasons like this one where the virus hits harder than usual that means casualties among the elderly and the infirm are guaranteed to rise.

Let us be very clear this means people are dying as a direct result of flu vaccine shots. It also means that the responsible thing, especially for those who work with vulnerable populations, is to not get vaccinated.

This news only adds to reasonable fears of the dangerous heavy metal preservatives that are known to be in most vaccines. Preservatives like mercury do systemic damage to the body and nervous system, making recovery from an unusually strong form of flu even more difficult.

Of course, many people are under pressure to get the shots and to give them to their children. The pressure is especially strong for parents with children in public school, and many public schools are dishing out vaccines even without telling parents.

If you’re concerned about your children’s teachers dosing your children, you might consider keeping them home during the flu vaccine season. Tell them your child has had the flu and keep them home. Even if you have to be dishonest, it is worth it to protect your children and your family from these dangerous and irresponsible medical interventions.

~ Health Scams Exposed