Must Eat Fruits That Help You Prevent and Combat Cancer

Cancer in America is being diagnosed at epidemic rates. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) recently reported that “worldwide cancer cases are projected to increase by 50 percent” by the year 2030.

With the rate of diagnosis increasing each year; unfortunately, the mortality rate for cancer patients is also rising. Cancer doesn’t care who it impacts and everyone is at risk either through poor diet and exercise, hereditary risks or even just the environment in which we all live.

With a dismal outlook such as this, the reality is that cancer may affect you or someone in your circle of family and friends in this lifetime. However, the outcome doesn’t need to be a grim one.

The key to preventing cancer and, for those that already live with cancer, is to understand all-natural preventative measures that you can utilize to combat such an ugly condition. It’s about cutting back on processed foods, working out and living a clean and healthy lifestyle with an abundance of your efforts placed on what you’re putting into your body.

Yes, that’s right, diet is in fact one of the best ways to prevent and even fight back against cancer. According to a recent study published by the Food Research International, a journal from the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST), red onion has been found to be a leader in killing cancer cells. Containing an ingredient known as anthocyanin, which is a flavonoid known for preventing a number of human diseases, red onions are so rich in anthocyanin that they provide an inhospitable environment for cancer cells to grow.

Other food items that contain this type of flavonoid are strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. These fruits are composed of two key polyphenols – one of which is the anthocyanidins as mentioned above and the other is the proanthocyanidins. Both are key components into increasing the death rate of a cancer cell.

Grapefruit and lemon are great examples of citrus fruits that help to combat cancer cells. They are rich in Vitamin C, which is key in building your immune system and has already been known to combat cancer cells. Vitamin C rich fruits including kiwis and pineapples also contain other healthy cancer-fighting compounds such as beta-carotene, folate and potassium. Plus, kiwis and pineapples are also strong antioxidants that have amazing health benefits when taken in moderation.

It is important to note here that grapefruits do contain a compound that has been known to block certain medications and can cause adverse affects on the body. Additionally, if you suffer from diabetes 1 or 2, speak with your doctor about how to increase consumption of cancer-fighting fruits into your diet while still maintaining healthy blood-sugar levels.

Consuming a diet high in grapes, which contain resveratrol is also an amazing resource for building up your immune system. Resveratrol is also an anti-inflammatory, which is key in fighting cancer. This magic component even was found to augment the death of cancer cells in research studies.

Add pomegranates to your diet with amazing antioxidant properties to help your immune system strengthen to a new level. It can be difficult to know how to prepare a pomegranate, so look for juices with no added sugars and containing pomegranate extract.

Tangerines and oranges, for example, contain another type of flavonoid that provides anti-inflammatory compounds. Don’t just eat the flesh of these fruit treats; also consider using rind shavings in other recipes to increase the health benefits.

Don’t forget the old adage ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.’ It still reigns true and is especially important when combatting cancer. Apples contain triterpenoids that not only halt cancer cell growth, but they actually cause a cancer cell to die off on its own. Bananas are another extremely important part to add your diet and are a great alternative to those who have difficulties digesting more acidic fruits. Bananas have long been known to prevent chronic illnesses and are also a tasty way to increase a meals nutritious, anti-cancer value.

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