The Flu Vaccine Can Kill You

You read the title correctly. The flu vaccine can kill you. You see them just about everywhere this time of year; advertisements and billboards luring you in to get a flu shot to protect yourself, your children, your co-workers, your cat, etc. The latest marketing technique is to use guilt to get you to take your shot and get your sticker to advertise it to your friends.


Flu vaccines were once only considered necessary for senior citizens and those with very weak immune systems. Now the vaccine is being handed out like candy. Not only that, but some companies are actually threatening to fire their employees if they don’t get a mandatory flu shot!


Why are flu vaccines being pushed so hard these days? Is there really an imminent epidemic on the way? Or is it yet another ploy to ensure the large majority of the population remains sick and dependent on prescription medication for the rest of their lives?


Why the Flu Vaccine is Worse Than the Flu


On the surface, flu vaccines can look like the perfect solution to a global pandemic. After all, minute amounts of the viral strain are injected into your body so your immune system recognizes it, fights it off, and becomes immune to the disease. If this is truly how flu vaccines worked, I would be the first one in line at the pharmacy with our sleeves rolled up.


Unfortunately, flu vaccines do so much more harm than good. The side effects of flu vaccines alone are enough to make you want to find any other option to avoid the flu. Not only do flu vaccines give you the feeling you have the flu and leave you sick for days, they have also been shown to cause debilitating and permanent neurological side effects. This is due largely to the alarming preservatives and additives in each dose of vaccine.


Mercury Toxicity and Other Vaccine Dangers


You may have heard that flu vaccines contain egg embryos to grow the vaccine and the flu virus itself. Unless you have an egg allergy, you probably wouldn’t worry about taking the flu shot with these ingredients. What the pharmacist or medical assistant injecting you neglects to tell you however is the flu vaccine contains much more than just two ingredients. It contains a dangerous cocktail of additives and preservatives known to cause serious side effects.


Let’s look at these in greater detail:


  • Thimerosal – Mercury toxicity is a serious danger associated with the flu vaccine. Thimerosal, a stabilizer used in flu vaccines, is 49.6% mercury by weight. Mercury has been associated with chronic muscle twitches, movement disorders, anxiety, trembling hands, learning disorders, mental illness symptoms, and autoimmune disease.


  • Formaldehyde – Formaldehyde has been listed as a known carcinogen by government scientists, yet it is still allowed to be used in vaccines! The flu vaccine may not kill you the second you take it, but it may be responsible for your eventual cancer diagnosis and death a decade or so from now.


  • Sodium Deoxycholate – A type of polysorbate that causes premature cell death and allergic reaction such as redness, swelling, and burning.


  • Polysorbate 80 – An emulsifier that has been proven to cause sterility in rats.


  • Latex – Latex in vaccines have been known to create a life-long allergy to latex, especially in children. This can lead to a sudden anaphylactic reaction or death when exposed to latex again.


  • Lecithin – Lecithin made from GMO soy can lead to pancreatic dysfunction and cancer.


  • Potassium Chloride – Also used in lethal injections, potassium chloride has been known to cause bleeding intestines and disturbing neurological side effects such as sudden seizures and coma.


Why the Nasal Spray Isn’t a Safer Alternative


If you are wondering whether the nasal spray of the flu vaccine may be a better option, let me assure you it’s not. In fact it may be even worse! The nasal spray vaccine dangers may be more immediate and pronounced simply because the chemicals contained therein go directly across the blood-brain barrier to endanger your system that much faster!


One of the additives in the nasal flu vaccine is MSG or monosodium glutamate. MSG damages your brain and with the nasal spray vaccine, you’re sniffing it right into your brain! MSG is an excitotoxin that interferes with a hormone called leptin, which is responsible for telling your body when it’s full. MSG has been widely speculated to be one of the leading causes of obesity epidemic and by sniffing it right into your brain; your digestive system doesn’t even have the ability to dilute it first before it gets there. Frightening stuff.


The nasal spray flu vaccine is also strongly inadvisable for people with compromised immune systems. This is not a small portion of the population. It is estimated that over 60% of the population is in some way immunocompromised!


Natural Alternatives to the Flu Vaccine


If you want to avoid vaccine side effects and mercury toxicity, there are plenty of natural ways to do it. Your first and foremost defense against any disease is a healthy diet. This means eating plenty of organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, legumes, organic meat, wild-caught fish, and healthy fats. Cutting the junk food out of your diet and trading it in for whole food is one of the best ways to naturally avoid the flu.


Adding antioxidant supplements to your diet such as vitamin C, zinc, echinacea, and olive leaf extract is another great way to avoid the flu because they fight free radicals and build up your natural immunity.


Essential oils are yet another natural way to boost your immunity and avoid both the flu vaccine and the flu. Oregano oil is a powerful anti-viral solution that can be taken orally in water or rubbed onto the bottoms of the feet along with a carrier oil to draw out toxins and eradicate the flu virus before it ever has a chance to take hold.


Standing in line for a flu vaccine this year can do so much harm to your system. There are plenty of natural ways to avoid the flu and mercury toxicity. Don’t become another vaccine side effect statistic. Use the knowledge you’ve gained to not only protect yourself but protect others. Pass this vital information along so your friends and family can make a more informed decision about their health!