I Always Thought
I Could Trust My Doctor…
That Was Until I Discovered
the 10 Biggest Health Scams
Being Pulled Today!

Is Your Doctor Pulling
These Same Scams On You?

Dear Friend,

I know how you feel…  Usually when we think of scams it involves a sleazy conman or some shady fly- by-night company.  We never associate scams with the highly educated professionals who took an oath to take care of us.

You've probably never assumed your doctor could be the one scamming you.

Though there's a chance he is…

Our research has uncovered ten extremely dangerous, and highly perpetuated scams being pulled today by doctors, Big Pharma, nutritionists, and all sorts of health care professionals.  These scams range from the way you lose weight, the water you drink, and even how your oncologist is wrongly treating your cancer.

There are many reasons why these scams continue to go on.  Sometimes its political influence, other times money, while some are less clear and far more sinister.  This is why it's so critical that you read every word on this page.

I'm disgusted and don't want to hold this back any longer.  So let me tell you how this whole journey for me started…

The One Discovery That Took Me
Down The Rabbit Hole

"There's nothing we can do. She's going to die."

Can you imagine hearing something like that? Watching a loved one hooked up to monitors and tubes in a state-of-the-art hospital while a doctor casually suggests that it's time to "make arrangements"…

Because there's nothing more they can do? Millions of people don't have to imagine. For them, it's everyday reality. It was for my family too.

I remember the first time I ever set foot into a hospital. I was 8 years old. My great aunt was sick with cancer. When she first went into the hospital, my mom told me she was going there to get well. Now, it seemed, she was never going to leave.

I didn't really understand it at the time, but I remember that the hospital made me feel cold and a little scared. There were weird sounds and smells that made me think nobody could get better in a place like that.

Five years later, my second cousin went into the hospital with what he thought was a particularly bad case of pneumonia. It turned out to be mesothelioma. As soon as they performed surgery on him, the cancer spread and he died in less than 6 months.

As I sat in the waiting room of that same hospital, I felt that same weird feeling come over me and I had to fight an impulse to slam through the double doors, down the stairs, and out the door.

My Experience With Hospitals and Doctors
Only Got Worse… And For Good Reason

When I was 16, an acute appendicitis and operation landed me in the hospital for two nights. At this point, my dislike of hospitals had grown into a full-blown phobia. I had anxiety attacks so badly, I was put on sedatives.  

Once I left the hospital, the panic attacks continued and I was given a steady prescription of Xanax. My parents didn't fight it because they honestly believed our family doctor knew best. Within a year, I was taking double the dose with no relief in sight.

In my early 20s, my health wasn't what it should be. I was still having anxiety attacks, I was 20 pounds overweight, and had no energy. Despite my intense dislike of anything medical, I was able to get through a battery of tests (including two very noisy and claustrophobic MRIs) but was crushed when they revealed inconclusive results.

Why was my trusted family doctor running expensive tests and prescribing drugs without anything ever getting better?

I later found out it was never about making me better or finding the problem… No every time they ran a test or prescribed a new drug it was cash in their pocket.

It was at this early age that I realized the medical profession was shifting from a place of compassion to one of profit…

Each Day the Profit Motive for the Health Care Industry Becomes Greater and Greater

For better or for worse the health care industry is profit based and profit driven.  No, I'm not somebody who believes corporations and profits are inherently evil.  I understand that doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical reps, and other health care professionals need to make a living just like the rest of us.

However, what I do object too is ignoring what works, and only focusing on profit.

Why prescribe a drug when simple dietary changes provide the same result?

Or why have expensive and dangerous surgery when simple exercises and time will fix the ailment?

The answer it profit…

Everyday people are being pushed into surgeries and drugs that they don't need…  And not only that, they're extremely dangerous and life threatening.

The Obscene Profits and Avoidance of a
Cure in the Caner Industry

Just recently, a co-worker and close friend of mine told me her doctor had found a suspicious lump in her breast… I went with her to her appointments. I held her hand when they told her she had breast cancer and would have to undergo a lumpectomy and chemotherapy.

Everything she was going through brought back memories of hospitals, sickness, and death. I was able to keep it together long enough to drop her off and get back home. But as soon as I shut my apartment door behind me, I slid down the wall, burst into tears, and sat sobbing for half an hour. Feelings of anger, helplessness, anxiety, and confusion all came out in one big crying jag.

After I calmed down, I felt a kind of inner peace I hadn't know since I was very young. I felt determination tingle in my gut. Something wasn't right.

Why did people who trusted in their doctors to heal them end up dying in record numbers?

Why, when my cousin was given surgery for his cancer, did it instantly spread and kill him?

Why did my young, 34-year-old friend have breast cancer?

I was sick and tired of seeing everyone around me suffer this way. It didn't make sense.  

I went to my local library and started doing some research. Determined to find answers, I poured over research on alternative cancer therapies and got my hands on books by a doctor called Dr. Max Gerson.

Apparently, he invented a cure for cancer called "The Gerson Method" in the 1950s, but it was banned and suppressed by the National Cancer Institute. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach.  

You mean there's a cure for cancer and
nobody knows about it!?

My confusion and anxiety turned to anger. How could they legally prevent the cure for cancer from being made public knowledge? Did this mean that money was more important than the Hippocratic Oath? Was that even possible?

My friend was a realist and more stubborn than anyone I knew so I thought it would take some serious convincing to get her to start juicing organic vegetables to treat her breast cancer. After all, she believed more in the conventional medical model than I did.

Maybe it was fear of leaving her husband and two-year-old son behind but, for whatever reason, she listened to me. She read the research I had done and did some of her own. Though she went through with the lumpectomy and chemotherapy, she cleaned up her diet dramatically and started juicing.

Within six months of using methods similar to The Gerson Method, my friend was declared cancer-free. She quit smoking, lost 50 pounds, and continues to maintain her healthy lifestyle to this day.

But This Was Only the Beginning to
What I Uncovered

For the past ten years, ever since reading about the secret cure for cancer, I have been tirelessly dedicated (my husband says obsessed) with finding out everything I can about the connection between our modern environment and diet and the skyrocketing cases of autoimmune disease, metabolic syndrome, and cancer.

It seemed the more I uncovered; the more there was to uncover. I got in touch with hundreds of people all over the world whose chronic illnesses were made worse by conventional medicine… And better by simple dietary and lifestyle changes. I even had long, into-the-night Skype sessions with well-respected medical professionals who not only confirmed, but encouraged my research.

I felt like Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix". Once I woke up to reality, I couldn't un-see everything I'd seen. I couldn't go back to sleep.

I was amazed at everything I'd uncovered. It started with learning about The Gerson Method for my friend and snowballed from there.

I Knew There Was More to Discover…
Where Would I Find It?

If you're like most people, you pay pretty much no attention to commercials. I never did. But one night while I was awake flipping through channels, an advertisement for the antidepressant I was taking caught my eye.

I turned up the volume.

"Talk with your doctor if you experience mood changes,
hostility or thoughts of suicide…"

Wait. What? Why would medicines designed to treat anxiety and depression cause you to think of harming yourself or others?

That did it. I started researching. I was appalled at how many cases of anti-depressant or anti-psychotic-related homicides and suicides I discovered.

I couldn't believe how incredibly addictive these pills were and I had been on them for years!

From what I was reading, withdrawal from these medications could be incredibly debilitating, especially the anti-anxiety medication I was taking. I wanted to get off of them but wasn't sure what to tell my doctor or what he would advise.

Instead, I booked an appointment with a naturopathic physician. In our first two hour session, she explained what panic attacks really were about and how many of our modern processed foods can trigger them. She told me that many people became addicted to anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs because they only suppressed the symptoms, but did nothing to address the underlying cause.

I was fascinated and had to learn more. She designed a personal nutrition plan for me and introduced me to some natural herbs I could take in order to slowly wean off the prescription medication.

Though I still experienced some withdrawal symptoms, my doctor helped me manage them and, in less than one year, I stopped filling my prescriptions and no longer felt a need for them.

I realized that my anxiety around hospitals and doctors was actually rooted in a gut instinct that something was wrong with the medical system. It was something I must have understood on some level as a child that went way beyond simple trauma.

I continued my research and was both amazed and disgusted at what I found. I decided to compile the research so I could easily cross-reference the information and share it with my friends and family. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I probably knew I was going to write a book, but the idea hadn't completely jelled.

There are literally thousands of health scams out there and each time I would uncover one, I would always come back to the top 10 I mention below.

I realized that just about every health problem faced by a large majority of the population could easily be traced back to these heavily-perpetuated scams.

Here's what I discovered…

The 10 Biggest Health Scams Being Pulled Today!

  1. Statin Drugs are a Scam!

    According to the modern medical community, nearly every single person over the age of 35 has high cholesterol and needs to be on statin medication. Does that sound right to you? Every single person over the age of 35? Really?

    After realizing that the psychiatric medication I was taking wasn't necessary, I started thinking about the other drugs doctors were pushing... One of the most common is statin drugs. Once I did the research and really understood how statin drugs work, and what they do to your body, I will never, ever take one or let any of my friends or family members without giving them the vital information I've compiled.

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  3. The Most Deadly Vaccine!

    In the past 30 years, the number of vaccines parents are supposed to give their children has tripled (and, not coincidentally, so have disease rates). And to make matters worse, there are more vaccines being rolled out every year. One of them is so dangerous we haven't had to wait 10 or 20 years to see the devastating side effects. They're already happening right now!

    This vaccine is so deadly websites are popping up all over the Internet with thousands of cases of permanent injury and even death… yet the FDA still hasn't pulled it off the market!

    Once you read what this vaccine contains and what it will do to you if you take it, you'll want to run in the opposite direction and take your children with you. Do not take this vaccine!

  4. This "Healthy" Activity Could Kill You!

    If you're a health-conscious consumer, you know taking dietary supplements can be a great way to fill in nutritional gaps and treat nutrient deficiencies. But here's something you may not know:

    Not all vitamin supplements are created equal and the most dangerous ones on the market may be sitting in your medicine cabinet right now.

    If you don't know the difference between one vitamin supplement and another, it could cost you your health or even your life. Improve your health right now by learning which vitamin supplements you should be taking and which ones to throw in the trash.

  5. Chemotherapy Shouldn't Be Called Therapy

    A cancer diagnosis is terrifying, but the cure the modern medical community offers is much worse than the disease. It shouldn't be called therapy. When you read exactly what chemotherapy and radiation is designed to do to you, you'll spend more time researching natural cures.

  6. Yeast Infections Don't Need Cream

    Millions of women get vaginal yeast infections almost every month with no end in sight. There's a reason that over-the-counter cream isn't working for you. Once you read this section of our Health Scams Report, you'll understand the real cause of chronic yeast infections and be able to treat them on your own, at home, without ever needing to buy another yeast infection cream again!

  7. Antibacterial Hand Gels are Making You Sick

    Antibacterial hand gels do not offer you the protection you've been lead to believe. If anything, they almost guarantee you and your children will get sick! Find out why.

  8. Weight-Loss Plans Make You Fat

    If weight-loss programs really worked, every one of the manufacturing companies promoting them would be out of business. Commercial weight-loss programs are designed to make you fat. Read about the dangerous ingredients you're consuming in these meals and how they're slowly destroying your health while keeping you fat.

  9. Anti-Aging Creams are Dangerous

    Those beautiful, mature models on TV may look like they have perfect skin but that's just air-brushing and lighting. You won't ever need (or want) to buy a $100 jar of anti-wrinkle cream ever again once you learn what's in them, and what healthy grocery store ingredients you can use right now to replace them!

  10. Even Water Isn't Safe

    You probably know soda is terrible for you, but there are certain waters on the market right now that are just as bad. In a perfect world, healthy drinking water would fall from the sky, collect in reservoirs and be safe to drink. Now, even water is being bottled, manipulated and sold to unsuspecting consumers just like you. Once you read about the types of water you're drinking and what they could be doing to your health, you'll never look at good old H20 the same again!

  11. Erectile Dysfunction is a Scam Too

    Erectile dysfunction is a man's worst fear. My husband would be embarrassed if he knew I was telling you this, but he struggled with it himself last year. When he went to the doctor, they told him he had slightly elevated cholesterol and needed to go on a statin drug. If he did that, they would prescribe him Viagra.

    Yes, you read correctly.

    They tried to bribe him into taking a statin drug!

    I was infuriated. Instead of using any drugs, I called my naturopath and booked an appointment. The solution was simple and my husband and I are back to enjoying a healthy, satisfying love life.

This Information Can save Your Life

I started this research on my own because I was sick and tired of seeing myself, my friends, and my family either dependent on drugs… Or laid up sick in a hospital bed hooked up to tubes only to die anyway.

Once I started to see the connection between industrial agriculture (Big Agra), pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma), and modern medicine, I realized that I couldn't keep this information to myself. I'd heard of whistleblowers being harassed and threatened for releasing similar information, but I knew that, no matter what, the information I'd discovered absolutely needed to get out there to the public.

I'm not interested in being on TV or selling millions of best-selling sensationalist books. I'm only interested in sharing the truth. That's why I created HealthScamsExposed.com and why I wrote this book.

I didn't want another person to sit in the cold, sterile environment of a medical facility while a doctor calmly tells them, "Put your affairs in order." There are plenty of options out there that are being kept from you. The drugs, vaccines, and procedures you go through every day are slowly killing you.

You Can Avoid the Pain and Failed Medicine
that's Killed Members of My Family

I want to get this information out there; to tell you, your family, and your friends that your doctor may not have your best interests at heart.

That the conventional medical community makes a living keeping you dependent on antibiotics, statin drugs, and chemotherapy that are designed to slowly kill you while they live off your misery.

Too crazy? Too weird? Too "Conspiratorial"?

Ten years ago, I would have agreed with you. I know better now. Since uncovering the incredible health scams going on in America, I personally feel I have saved lives.

When a close family friend wanted her child to get a certain vaccine, I begged her to do some real research on the millions of young people who have been permanently disabled by it. When my sister-in-law complained of chronic headaches, I pointed out some scented products in her home that could be causing the problem, and her need for over-the-counter pain killers went away almost immediately!

I'm not fooled anymore. You shouldn't be either. Important, life-saving information has been kept from you while hazardous health scams are continually perpetuated and called "medicine".

You deserve better, and that's what I'm offering in my comprehensive report, "Top 10 Biggest Health Scams Exposed".

I want to get this information into as many hands as possible. To do that, I'm charging a one-time small fee of $19.95.

As I said before, I'm not trying to become a millionaire selling a $20 book. It's not going to happen nor do I expect it to. However, the small investment you make in your health right now will be used to help us get the word out about these scams.

You can even help me right now by sending this message to your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The more people who have this life-saving information in their hands, the better.

Big Pharma and Big Agra are only as powerful as we allow them to be. The more people who wake up to the reality of what's happening right under our noses, the more powerful we can become; the more real change we can affect.

Added Bonus: Avoiding the World's Deadliest Prescription Drugs

After my terrible experience with anxiety drugs, I did more thorough research on the prescription drug industry, and the hundreds of products they sell each year. During this investigative process, I came across some disturbing information.

For one, it is estimated that 65% of people in the United States are dependent on at least one prescription drug.

That didn't make sense to me. We live in a country where modern medicine is at its pinnacle. How could so many people be that sick?

I dug further and found out that over 100,000 Americans die from using prescription drugs as prescribed each year (that's 270 people per day dying from a drug prescribed by a licensed medical professional)!

How could medical professionals, who took an oath to help and heal others, knowingly prescribe drugs that kill?

Was everybody in on the conspiracy?

Confused and frustrated, I contacted an open-minded osteopathic physician who explained to me how much the medical industry has changed in the past 30 years.

And what I learned chilled me.

If you've never worked at a doctor's office, you've likely never seen a drug representative. I have.

In my early twenties, I worked as a front desk receptionist for a podiatrist's office and met a drug representative for the first time. The first thing I noticed about her was how beautiful she was. She looked like she'd just stepped off a runway. She was impeccably dressed with flawless skin and a supermodel smile.

At my young age, I couldn't understand why every time she came to visit us, she flirted openly with my paunchy, middle-aged, married employer.

I get it now and it makes me sick.

Once upon a time, my physician-friend explained to me, drug representatives were pharmacists who were knowledgeable about their product.   They only sold a handful of drugs to physicians and medical facilities they had a strong relationship with.

In the past 15 or so years, this has changed dramatically.

The new medical modality encourages young, attractive men and women who know nothing about medicine to go out and sell these dangerous drugs using a combination of sex appeal, lunch "dates", and kickbacks.

That's right; doctors are encouraged to prescribe a certain amount of pharmaceutical drugs each year. If they meet their quota, they get hefty bonuses at the end of the year disguised as "gifts".

I also learned that during the first year of medical school, would-be medical doctors learn more about prescription drugs and how to prescribe them than anything about the human body or disease!

So the doctors themselves aren't necessarily at fault. They are being controlled like marionettes by the pharmaceutical companies. They are simply ignorant about the devastating effects of these drugs.

During my research, I compiled a list of the top 10 most dangerous prescription drugs on the market. Each of these drugs is highly over-prescribed and has been shown to cause terrible physical and mental side effects. Some of them even kill.

More than likely you or someone you know is taking one of these drugs right now. In my bonus book, "The Top 10 Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs", I not only discuss dangerous statin drugs and addictive anti-anxiety drugs…

But drugs that have been shown to turn healthy children into killers!

If you have or know a child diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety or depression (and millions of children are) you need to read this critical information.

Both books, "Top 10 Biggest Health Scams Exposed" and "Top 10 Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs" are yours for a small, one-time fee of only $19.95. That's less than $20 for information that will forever change the way you look at your health and the conventional medical modality.

Both of these books can help you end chronic pain, and help you reduce or even eliminate your dependence on prescription drugs.

Think about what you might spend $20 on this week:

A fast food lunch? Cigarettes? A bottle of wine?

Those are consumables and will be gone in a short time. The knowledge you will gain from investing in these two invaluable books will last a lifetime.

Click below to Get Your Copy of "Top 10 Biggest Health Scams Exposed" and your bonus book "Top 10 Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs" Right Now.

You'll be Glad You Did!

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Invest in This Life-Saving Health Information Right Now!


Jessica Coffey
Publisher – Health Scams Exposed

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